Mag 14

Frequenze “Lighthouse”

qrgCome accade per altre attività radio, vi sono dei segmenti di frequenza  “dedicati “, per quanto riguarda i fari ecco quanto suggerito dalla ARLHS:

The suggested ARLHS operating frequencies are +/- 20KHz of the following center frequencies:

Phone = 3970, 7270, 14270 (main), 21370, and 28370 khz;

CW = 3530, 7030, 14030, 21030, and 28030 kHz.

 These frequencies should be used for ARLHS DX-peditions and to pass ARLHS info.

They should be used primarily as calling frequencies. During operating events, try to spread out +/- 20 KHz to lessen QRM.

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