Contest Call Calabria DX Team

IR8W is a special callsign assigned from year 2010 to the members of the “Calabria DX Team”, a group of radio amateurs with a passion for radio contest. (Calabria DX Team: since 1994)

 IR8W è il call speciale assegnato dall’anno 2010 ai membri del “Calabria DX Team”, un gruppo di radioamatori con la passione per i Contest. (Calabria DX Team: dal 1994)



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Call Year Category Score QSOs WPX Hours Operator(s) Cert
IR8W 2011 MULTI-TWO 736,009 751 491 22.3 IK8YFU IZ8PPJ IZ8FCR IZ8CZR [Cert]
IR8W 2010 SA LP 80M 1,000 22 20 15.1 IK8YFU [Cert]

IR8W 2011SSB WPXcertificate 



2010 IARU HF World Championships

Call Score Power QSOs Mult Class Section DXCC Entity Continent ITU Zone
IR8W (IZ8PPJ) 2,133 B 37 27 B   I EU 28




2011 ARRL International DX Contest (Phone)

Call Score QSOs Mult Class Power 1-Band Section DXCC
Continent Ops
IR8W (IK8YFU) 13,566 120 38 S   15   I EU  


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CQ World Wide DX Contest
  Call Year Category Score QSOs Zn Cty Hours OperRankator(s) Cert
1 IR8W 2012 SA LP 10M 72 4 3 3 0.1 IZ8FEV  
2 IR8W 2011 MULTI-TWO 285,785 668 73 232 17.7 IK8YFU IZ8CZR IZ8PPJ  
3 IR8W 2010 SA LP ALL 238,996 537 69 229 17.7 IK8YFU  







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