DX Pedition Ustica

Ustica island DX Pedition 2-5 Oct. 2014    

EU-017 Salina Island

Why is this mini-peditions right? The goal is to operate from an IOTA island without having to go too far from home and without spending too much. Salina island is very close and easy to reach! Those who, like me, have already operated from a IOTA know that it doesn’t matter if Salina is low in the …

Attivazioni WAIL by Calabria dx Team

REFERENZA ARLHS  FARO IK8YFU IW8RAO IZ8SJA IZ8SKO CL-001 ITA-016 Capo di Bonifati CL-002 ITA-111 Paola CL-003 ITA-045 Capo Suvero 22/06/2013 CL-004 ITA-004 Calata Buccarelli 14/09/2013 14/09/2013 14/09/2013 14/09/2013 CL-005 ITA-047 Capo Vaticano 08/06/2013 08/06/2013 08/06/2013 CL-006 ITA-050 Scilla – Sul castello 31/08/2013 31/08/2013 CL-007 ITA-139 Punta Pezzo 13/07/2013 13/07/2013 13/07/2013 CL-008 ITA-014 Capo dell’Armi 03/08/2013 …

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