LoTW certificate: IQ8QX


Giunto oggi dalla ARRL il certificato per l’autenticazione dei qso sul sistema LOTW.

Un’altra possibilità per il Calabria dx Team per confermare i propri QSO!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This certificate requires
TrustedQSL Version 1.13 or later. Attempting to install it using an

earlier version of the TrustedQSL software
will result in errors. The latest TrustedQSL software can
be obtained at:
Here is your LoTW certificate for IQ8QX
You may be able to install this certificate by double-
clicking on the attachment icon. If that isn’t possible or
doesn’t work, save the attached file to disk and then
use the TQSLCert program’s “Load Certificate File” menu
command to install this certificate into your system.